1st Blush Serum: How we failed for 2 years.

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It takes 7wks for a flower to BLOOM. Ours took 2 yrs.

Feb 2018, we got this crazy idea to combine skin care & make up into a blush. At that time, it was uncommon and we still needed more research. Including a whole lot of testing, but we knew it had to be done.

So we started formulating, creating samples to form the best colors, & reformulating. Honestly, It was a tough process. We even had to stop the project twice cause we couldn't get it near where we wanted & thought perhaps we hit our wall.

Then, as MAD went through ups and downs, We grew, and the rebels grew with us. Their feedback gave us new life, & a fresh lead. The help of the senators & rebels, added to our knowledge & thought we still had to sample more times. We were able to start growing bloom on the right track.

Then one day, as we were messing with non-comedogenic polymeric emollients mixes we hit it. 2 long years, we finally hit it with a mix of dry serum components, and a melt-in blush (TM) formula. A last all day, blends like water, and still waterproof blush. Oh, with 1% HA + B3 added too for good measure.

The panel results came back with a 93% overall, and our soul was light. Thanks to our rebels, we think we got an amazing blush serum, and we hope they enjoy their good work.

We couldn't have grown bloom without them.

Love Mad

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