Mad is People 1st community that Co-Creates Skin Loving Makeup,
Epic ingredients made effortless to power all Rebel Beauties.
Here's our Value & Believes.

Rebel Values

Truth We are kinda allergic to bullshit, & we think its kinda hard to keep serving it. So wouldn’t it be easier to tell the truth? we think so.

Self Acceptance Only 1 of you. Why not love yourself? That’s why think its important to embrace what we have from; culture, looks, skin color. Rocking that South East Asian Beauty, we are born with everyday!

Listen to Community Beauty & Products should represent the people they serve, so why not give them a voice? Mad curates. Our community creates.

Love for All Life is short, who cares what people like or don’t like. All who come in peace are welcome to join the conversation. Be you albino, cat, bi, or incredible hulk.

Rebel first People come first at mad, not profit, sales or ego. We are here to serve & hopefully do some good along the way.


Rebel Believes

F Beauty Standard Beauty comes in all shape & sizes, from within & out. Why limit beauty? We have no idea. Own your beauty effortlessly, with just a stroke or spritz, we got you.

Clean Skincare Focus Makeup When positive things happen to your skin, you can just focus on playing with your makeup. That's why we have a list of 64 No No Ingredients. So we all can rest easy.

Beauty Democratized Beauty tools & great ingredients should not only be for the rich or wealthy. Beauty should be accessible for the people who wants it. We price for people, no egos.

Sedayu Square H21, Jakarta 11730