Make Beauty Kinder

We Co-Create Sunkiss Acne Friendly Makeup for a Kinder Future of Beauty.

As a Community we can make beauty Kinder & the common sense that goes to being a ok decent human.
    💪🏻 Truth We are kinda allergic to bullshit, & we think its kinda hard to keep serving it. So wouldn’t it be easier to tell the truth? we think so.
    🌟Self Acceptance Only 1 of you. Why not love yourself? Embrace who you are, looks, skin color & all. Rock that S.E. Asian Beauty rebel!
    👂🏼Listen to Community Beauty & Products should represent the people they serve, so why not give them a Voice? Mad curates. Our community creates.
    ♥️Love for All Life is short, who cares what people like or don’t like. All who come in peace are welcome. Be you albino, cat, bi, or incredible hulk.
    👑 Rebel 1st People come 1st at mad, not profit, sales or ego. We are here to serve & hopefully do some good along the way.

    Makeup can be formulated Good for skin . So you glow in & out

      💄 Beauty that respects Skin When Good things happen to your skin, you can just focus on You. That's why we have a list of 52 No No Ingredients. So we all can rest easy. ( & us too, cause we use it too )

      🌳 Great Ingredients Make a Difference Formulated with the Help of Dr O, & a Product Research team. We 3x check all ingredients & ask the important question. " Can we use something safer without affecting performance?"

      ☀️Don't like Cancer, Irritation or messing with Hormones Every staff at mad uses what we make so we rather be safe than sorry. We take a European Standard to any possible issues & tolerate very little unless new research proves otherwise.


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