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Skin Loving Beauty Co.

Rebel Values People

& the common sense that goes to being a relatively decent human.

  • Truth We are kinda allergic to bullshit, & we think its kinda hard to keep serving it. So wouldn’t it be easier to tell the truth? we think so.
  • Self Acceptance Only 1 of you. Why not love yourself? Embrace who you arel culture, looks, skin color & all. Rock that S.E. Asian Beauty rebel!
  • Listen to Community Beauty & Products should represent the people they serve, so why not give them a Voice? Mad curates. Our community creates.
  • Love for All Life is short, who cares what people like or don’t like. All who come in peace are welcome. Be you albino, cat, bi, or incredible hulk.
  • Rebel 1st People come 1st at mad, not profit, sales or ego. We are here to serve & hopefully do some good along the way.

Rebels Believes in Choices

We Create for 99% of Rebel Beauties. The 1% got their brands, this 1 is for us

  • My Own F-ing Effortless Beauty comes in all shape & sizes, F the limits. We make beauty Effortless for everyone, & for everyone to feel effortless. ( even if they have acne )
  • Beauty that respects Skin When Good things happen to your skin, you can just focus on You. That's why we have a list of 62 No No Ingredients. So we all can rest easy. ( & us too, cause we use it too )
  • Beauty Democratized Great ingredients should not only be for the 99%. Beauty should be accessible for the people who wants it. We price for people, not egos. 



Sedayu Square H21, Jakarta 11730