OT x Mad Sneak Peak

We think OT’s Anggur Merah is about the people it brings
together & the joyous moments they share. 
OT Palette represents that too
& we want to encourage the audience to both reminisce &
remember those joyous moments again. Thus:
A palette made for moments like these.
or these


1st Infused Eyeshadow Palette

With 9 Flexible Colors, that Blends well for any outing.
5 Ultra Pigmented Matte, 4 Non Aluminum Shimmers.
Its Also:
Avocado Oil & Algae
Infused Tech
Long lasting 6hr
Light Fallout
Halal Production
No-animal testing
Clean Ingredients
If your keen to try Just let us know.
Colors & Palette is kept secret for now.